Available Cases

VIP offers the unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of low income Philadelphia residents. We provide resources to assist you throughout the case, including mentors, interpreters, law students and training materials. VIP has included potential core competencies that staff anticipate volunteer counsel would achieve by taking the case, but these experiences are not guaranteed. Every VIP case provides an opportunity for direct client contact and case management. Join the VIP team by taking a case!

If you are interested in taking one of the following cases, please click on the case number to send an email to the VIP staff. Thank you!

Small Business

  • 15-0037812

    Client is a network of individuals and agencies that advocate for the wellness of minorities and connects economically insecure minorities to community resources for health and behavioral health needs.  Client is seeking assistance in forming an LLC.
    Core Competencies: Administrative Agency Practice


  • 15-0037772
    Client needs assistance in a slip and fall matter. Plaintiff alleges he was injured after tripping on the sidewalk in front of client’s property. Client states that PGW was doing repair work that may have affected the sidewalk at the time of plaintiff’s alleged fall. The City of Philadelphia is also named as a defendant in the complaint. Client was served with the complaint on October 14, 2015. Opposing counsel has agreed to a 60-day extension of time to file an answer. Client needs representation to defend against this action, including filing an answer to the complaint. 
    Core Competencies: Courtroom Experience, Draft Pleadings