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VIP offers the unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of low income Philadelphia residents. We provide resources to assist you throughout the case, including mentors, interpreters, law students and training materials. VIP has included potential core competencies that staff anticipate volunteer counsel would achieve by taking the case, but these experiences are not guaranteed. Every VIP case provides an opportunity for direct client contact and case management. Join the VIP team by taking a case!

If you are interested in taking one of the following cases, please click on the case number to send an email to the VIP staff. Thank you!

Small Business

  • 16-0038478 (AM)

    Client produces performances, classes and trips that deal directly with the culture of Bahia, Brazil. With performance groups and educational initiatives, client seeks to educate the public of the diversity and energy found in the music and dance of Bahia. Client has been operating as a sole proprietor.  Client is seeking advice on whether to incorporate as a small business or nonprofit organization.
    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing


  • 15-0037968
    Client needs assistance assessing and challenging a state inheritance tax appraisement. Client submitted an appeal pro se and will need representation during the rest of the appeal process and in negotiations with the Department of Revenue if needed. Client was the administratrix of her son’s father’s estate. The Department of Revenue is requiring client to pay inheritance tax on a settlement from a lawsuit with wrongful death and survival claims where the funds went to the estate. The estate paid taxes pursuant to the court approved settlement agreement with which the Department of Revenue has taken issue, and the Department of Revenue is holding Client responsible. 
    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Negotiation Skill
  • 15-0037694

    Client seeks representation for a US Tax Court case set for trial on June 6, 2016. Client failed to include income on her 1099 form in 2013. Client has heard from opposing counsel, who stated that client may be due a refund; however, case is set to proceed to trial. Client is looking for advice and representation for her June 6th court date.

    Core Competencies: Draft Pleadings, Negotiation Skills


  • 16-0038344

    Client seeks assistance obtaining advanced planning documents. Client wants a living will and a health care power of attorney making her adult son her agent. Client has stage IV breast cancer and wants her adult son to make healthcare decisions for her in case she becomes incapacitated.

    Core Competencies: Drafting, Client Interviewing

  • 16-0038598
    Powers of Attorney
    Client seeks assistance with obtaining healthcare and financial powers of attorney for her daughter to help her make all financial and health care decisions. Client suffers from vascular dementia and relies on her daughter’s care. Physician has specifically recommended that client not be in charge of her own financial decision-making; however, discussions with client and her daughter have shown client to be competent to sign the powers of attorney.  Client and her daughter are both disabled so traveling for meetings may be difficult.
    Core Competencies: Client Interviewing, Drafting