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VIP in Action Published December 21, 2022

Rida Haq Named to “Women of Distinction 2022”

Philadelphia Business Journal's Women of Distinction 2022

Executive Director Rida Haq

Rida was named to Philadelphia Business Journal’s Women of Distinction 2022. Rida spoke with the Journal about her experience and answered the following questions:

My secret to success is: Working really hard. Pushing for change. Try everything at least once, and don’t be afraid of having bad ideas. The good ones are worth it.

To uplift other women, I: Validate their perspective. I’ve noticed that in many professional settings, when someone reports a problem they’re facing, many people’s first instinct is to question them – even if they’re doing it nicely.

How I overcome obstacles in my professional life: Seek counsel from someone smarter – I am who I am because of those I learned from and surround myself with.

A piece of advice I’d give my younger self: Embrace your identity. Just do what you’re good at, not what you think you should be good at!