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Client seeks assistance with an eviction matter. The landlord has filed a complaint seeking 3 months’ rent, $5,700 in water bills, plus fees. Client withheld rent because she was making repairs to the property, and has receipts proving that she made repairs. Client also states that she was paying property taxes for the landlord, who is represented by counsel. Although the lease indicates that client is responsible for water bills, client never received monthly statements or requests from the landlord. The landlord had no license or Certificate of Rental Suitability until late January. He also did not provide a lead safety certificate, and client has two young children. Client wishes to remain in the property for one more month, and to avoid a money judgment. Client speaks Spanish, and a Spanish-speaking law student who has been trained to work on eviction cases by the Penn Housing Rights Project has volunteered to assist with the case. The hearing is scheduled for April¬†3, 2017, at 8:45 am.

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