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Client seeks assistance with a mortgage foreclosure case. Client lives in a home titled and mortgaged in her name and her husband’s names. Client initially fell behind on her mortgage payments when she had to make emergency repairs to her home. She received a trial loan modification in 2016, but the permanent modification was never entered. Her housing counselor submitted an updated package for a new modification, but client was denied due to insufficient income. Client is now working to be approved by Liberty Resources as a home health aide for her husband, which would serve as additional income. Her housing counselor will submitted a new completed financial package in August 2017. An attorney is needed to communicate with the lender to help client modify her loan. Client’s housing counselor is Angelica Alejandro of Nueva Esperanza. The next conciliation conference is scheduled for September 21, 2017, at 9:00am. Client is Spanish-speaking; her housing counselor is available to interpreter and any additional translation assistance will be provided upon request.

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