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Client, who is very responsive, seeks assistance obtaining custody of her 7-year-old son. The temporary custody order, which is dated June 2017, gives OP/grandmother and the child’s maternal aunt shared physical custody during the summer and OP/grandmother primary physical custody during the school year. Both client and the child’s father lost custody after an incident in 2011 for which both were arrested. Client and the child’s father have supervised partial physical custody in the presence of the maternal aunt and the OP/grandmother, respectively. OP/grandmother is represented. Father is not named in the custody complaint but is also seeking custody. Client seeks sole legal custody and primary physical custody during the school year because the child has suffered emotionally and has fallen behind a grade in school while in OP/grandmother’s custody. In September 2017, Client filed a Petition for Contempt because OP/grandmother refused to enroll the child in school. In September, client filed a motion for a mental health evaluation of OP and the father. She also filed a Petition to Modify in order to gain unsupervised visits now that her mental health evaluation has been completed. A volunteer is needed to represent client in court on March 6, 2018, at 1:30pm to establish the final custody order.

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