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Client, a single mother of two children, seeks assistance with a custody matter involving her 5-year-old son with cognitive disabilities. OP/father has filed for partial custody; however he has not maintained regular contact or consistently utilized his custodial time over the past 5 years. His pattern is to miss his custodial time and then file contempt petitions against client. A temporary custody order was entered in August 2017 after OP filed a Motion for Contempt. The order gives client primary custody, while OP has overnight visits every Tuesday and Thursday. Client was granted a PFA in September 2017 after OP/father threatened to assault her. Client filed a Petition to Modify Custody requesting that OP’s overnights be scheduled on weekends during the school year, so the child can maintain a routine free of disruption during the school week. Client believes this arrangement would better accommodate the child’s cognitive disabilities and special education needs. A custody hearing is scheduled before Master Alvarez on October 17, 2017, at 9:45 am. A volunteer is needed to represent client at the masters hearing and at the subsequent judicial hearing.

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