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Case Type Deed Transfer Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting

Case #17-0041059

Client seeks assistance with a quiet title matter. Client needs to quiet title on a wild deed. The property sold by Sheriff’s Sale in 2003 to a lender, which recorded the deed. In 2004, lender sold the property to another lender and did not record the deed. In February 2004, second lender sold the property to an individual, recording the deed. The individual then sold the property to client and his stepfather in September 2004 as tenants in common, and that deed was executed and recorded immediately. The lender-to-lender transfer was then executed and recorded in November 2004. Client’s stepfather died in 2007, and client wishes to obtain title. However, before he can probate his stepfather’s estate, for which a separate VIP volunteer can be found, a volunteer is needed to file a quiet title action to clear the chain of title.