18-0041333 Urgent Need


Client seeks assistance with an auto accident matter. In September 2015, client/defendant was driving her fiancé’s car when she accidentally bumped a pedestrian. Her fiancé/co-defendant’s insurance company is now seeking declaratory judgement because neither client nor her fiancé were licensed at the time, which the insurance company argues would void the fiancé’s insurance coverage. Client fears a lien being placed on her home as a result of the suit. Client is willing to consider an affordable payment plan if she cannot dispute the lawsuit. A volunteer is needed to file an answer and defend client in the lawsuit. A 30 day delay of judgement was granted that will end on March 2, 2018. The projected trial conference date is April 2, 2018, at 9:00 am, and the case is scheduled for the May 2018 trial pool.

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