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Client needs title to her first home after years of struggling with homelessness. Client is living in property owned by deceased record owner with whom she had a very close relationship. Record owner died testate in 2017, devising the property to his siblings, naming non-relatives as executrix and alternative executrix, and naming client in the residuary clause. Client purchased the siblings’ interests in the property, with notarized documentation as evidence of their intent to convey the interest, but was unable to get executrix to sign a deed. Executrix opened the estate and was granted letters testamentary, but has since died. The alternate executrix is missing but may be locatable after more thorough search. The siblings are now refusing to sign a deed. A volunteer is needed to petition for client to become administrator of the estate d.b.n.c.t.a and file a breach of contract action demanding the siblings convey their interests. A subject matter expert is willing to mentor.