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Client, who is very responsive, seeks assistance in a quiet title action. Client’s unmarried grandparents owned the property as joint tenants with right of survivorship. Grandfather predeceased grandmother, and grandmother died intestate in 2009, with client, who lived at the property with the grandmother, as her only heir. Client was incarcerated from February 2017 to March 2018, and property accrued delinquent real estate taxes during this time. Nephew of grandfather and the administrator of grandfather’s estate paid the delinquent real estate taxes, stopping a sheriff’s sale on the property. Nephew then fraudulently conveyed grandfather’s interest in the property, which had already passed by operation of law to grandmother and therefore should properly be in grandmother’s estate, to a neighbor who is now the alleged record owner. A volunteer is needed to file a quiet title action to get the property back into the grandmother’s estate. Once that is complete, VIP will open a probate case to find a volunteer to help probate grandmother’s estate and transfer the property to client. Client is not currently living in the property and was arrested for trespassing on the property when he picked up the mail; however, police released client, acknowledging the alleged record owner’s claim is suspicious.

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