18-0041745 Urgent Need


Client seeks representation in an auto accident case. Opposing party filed a motor vehicle action against client and co-defendant, as operator and owner, respectively, of the vehicle for an accident which allegedly occurred in September 2016. Client was not involved in the accident and does not know either party. Plaintiff could not locate client and was granted alternative service. A default judgment and an arbitrators’ award was entered against the client. At the same time, the co-defendant was dismissed. Client filed a pro se appeal to the arbitrators’ award, but did not petition to open the default judgment. Client has been served with discovery requests. Client filed a petition to open and plaintiff has responded in opposition. Client needs legal representation to respond to discovery requests, open the default judgment, and defend against the case. A motion hearing on clients petition to open is scheduled for October 17, 2018 at 1:30 pm and a trial is set for the October 2018 trial pool.

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