Disabled client, who is very responsive, seeks assistance with a probate matter. Client is living in home owned by his aunt and his mother as tenants in common. Client’s aunt died intestate in March 2012, and Client’s mother died testate in October 2012. Client’s mother devised her portion of the property to client and his brother. Client started probating his mother’s estate in 2013 by obtaining Letters Testamentary. Client’s brother agrees to give up his portion of the property to client. Client has also received letters of renunciation from aunt’s intestate heirs in order to probate her estate. There are some major liens on property, including a Department of Human Services (DHS) lien from the aunt’s medical assistance for $100K and an IRS tax lien from his mother for $9K. Client is currently applying for a lifetime deferment of the DHS lien. A volunteer is needed to probate aunt’s estate, help client transfer title of the property to himself, and also help client try to resolve or manage remaining liens on the property.

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