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Client eagerly seeks a birth certificate from New York City. Client originally received a certificate of no record from the NYC Office of Vital Records. Therefore, VIP assisted him in filing a petition to establish birth facts to get a delayed birth certificate. However, in requesting the delayed birth certificate, NYC has now clarified that he does have a birth record, it just does not match the information sent with his original request. NYC will not release the birth certificate to client because client does not have the proper information on the birth certificate to prove his identity. Client’s mother passed away when he was an infant, and he was sent to Philadelphia to live with relatives. He knows very little about his birth parents. Client is currently employed, but his employment is at risk if he cannot show a state photo ID or birth certificate. Client also wishes to retire soon, and he will be unable to receive Social Security benefits without the same documentation. Client needs assistance going back to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to get a subpoena for his original birth record and then finalize his name change process depending on what that birth record reflects.