18-0042066 Urgent Need


Clients, a husband and wife, seek assistance with an urgent auto accident matter. Husband was driving wife’s vehicle when he crashed with plaintiff’s vehicle. Clients’ three children and mother were all in the vehicle as well. The vehicle was insured at the time, and both husband and wife were covered by the American Independent Insurance Company policy. Plaintiff’s vehicle was insured by Liberty Mutual Group. Plaintiff initiated an action against clients as individuals and plaintiff’s own insurance company. Clients have attempted to contact their insurance company but have been unsuccessful. Opposing counsel has granted an extension of 30 days only to answer the complaint; an answer is due by August 27, 2018. Arbitration is scheduled for April 8, 2019, at 9:15 am. An attorney is needed to help clients get their insurance company to represent them or represent clients directly in this matter. Clients are Spanish speaking; interpretation and translation services will be provided upon request.

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