18-0042720 Urgent Need


Client/mother seeks assistance with an urgent custody matter involving her four children. Client/mother was incarcerated in March 2017 and father and the kids moved in with OP/aunt at that time. Father and OP/aunt subsequently got into a fight and father took the kids and moved out. OP/aunt petitioned for custody, claiming that father moved into a “drug house” with the kids. He did not attend the custody hearings, and a temporary order was issued giving full custody of the kids to OP/aunt. In May 2017, client’s oldest son was involuntarily hospitalized for mental health issues and the court granted father custody of him after he was released. In September 2017, father, who is now represented, filed for sole physical and legal custody of the other three kids. A temporary order was issued on September 7, 2018, granting both client and father supervised physical custody of the three kids every other Saturday for 2 hours, while they continued to live with OP/aunt. Client and father were both ordered to complete drug testing, mental health evaluations, and a home investigation. Client then subsequently filed for sole legal and physical custody. A hearing is now scheduled for February 11, 2019, at 9:00 am before Judge Viktoria Kristiansson. Client and father are currently living together and are willing to share custody.

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