Client, who has a disability and is very responsive, seeks assistance with a probate matter. Client is living in a property owned by his deceased mother, who died testate in 1996. The Client’s mother had five children, only two of whom are alive. In her will, client’s mother left the entirety of her estate to her children, to be divided evenly among them. She named client’s deceased brother as the executor of her estate but named no alternate executor. There are currently five living heirs besides client. Client has obtained renunciations from four of five heirs electing him personal representative of his mother’s estate, who each agree to ultimately transfer title of the property to client. A fifth heir has not yet signed a renunciation but has indicated he will consider doing so after speaking with his attorney. Client needs title in order to qualify for assistance programs that will conduct repairs and provide accessibility modifications. A volunteer is needed to help client probate his mother’s estate, including transferring title to client and filing an inheritance tax return. If the final renunciation cannot be obtained, the volunteer will need to file a petition for a citation to show cause why petitioner should not be appointed administrator. Mobile notary available upon request.

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