19-0042897 Urgent Need


Client seeks assistance with a fraudulent deed transfer matter. Client is living in a property that his deceased mother owned. Client’s mother died intestate in 2015. Client is sole heir to the property, as client’s brother – his mother’s only other child – died in 2004 with no children or spouse. Client’s daughter and her immediate family also live in the property. Client recently noticed that his daughter’s name is listed as the property owner on the Office of Property Assessment website. Client’s daughter surreptitiously obtained letters of administration in 2017 naming her administratrix of the estate, and in January 2018 a deed was recorded transferring title to client’s daughter’s name from his mother’s estate. The matter is urgent as client’s daughter is currently trying to sell the property, and the property is listed as “for sale” on real estate websites. A volunteer is needed to quickly record a lis pendens on the property and file a quiet title action to obtain client title to the property.

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