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Client, who is living in a home owned by her great-grandmother, urgently needs to get title in her name. Great-grandmother died testate in 2012, devising the property to her granddaughter, client’s mother, and naming granddaughter the executrix. Client’s great uncle is the alternate executor. Client has a copy of the will. Client’s mother died intestate in 2017, never having probated the record owner’s estate. Client and her brother are her mother’s only heirs, and her brother is willing to transfer his interest in the property. Client’s great uncle has been uncooperative in acting as executor. The property is encumbered by a mortgage that is in the Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program, and client is working with a housing counselor to get a mortgage modification. Client needs to get letters of testamentary to be acknowledged as a successor-in-interest and enter into a trial modification. A volunteer is needed to file a petition for citation to show cause why a copy of the will should not be admitted and a petition for citation to show cause why client should not be named executrix of the estate of the record owner. After client has been named executrix, the volunteer will need to help client finish probating great-grandmother’s estate, including transferring the property into client’s name and filing the inheritance tax return.

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