Divorce With Equitable Distribution

A survivor of domestic abuse seeks assistance with a divorce. Client/wife and opposing party (OP)/ husband were married in China in 1992 and separated in June 2017. Client has a current PFA against OP, and she reports that she has suffered head injuries as a result of the violence OP inflicted on her. OP was arrested as a result of an altercation with client. OP filed for divorce in March 2019 and a legal services agency filed an answer and counterclaim on client’s behalf seeking equitable distribution and alimony in April 2019. Client is unable to work due to pain from her injuries. Possible marital assets include a laundromat, a small take out restaurant, and a row home. Client is Mandarin speaking. VIP will provide a volunteer interpreter upon request as well as a volunteer to conduct a business valuation. A volunteer attorney is needed to represent client throughout the divorce process.

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