Client is living in a home owned by his deceased grandmother. Grandmother died testate in 2018 with a will devising the property to two of her six children and a codicil that devises the property to a third and then a fourth child in the event the first two reject the specific devise. Client does not have a legal interest in the property, as his mother is still alive. Client’s mother is not named in the will and is named an alternative in the codicil, but client has obtained renunciation letters from all four named heirs, including his mother, electing him to be personal representative of his grandmother’s estate. The property has an active mortgage foreclosure action. A status conference is scheduled for October 29, 2019. Client needs to become administrator of his grandmother’s estate in order for the lender to consider him a successor-in-interest so he can participate in the proceedings and pursue loan assumption. Client is working with a housing counselor, and the assumption of the loan is affordable for him. A volunteer is needed to help client open his grandmother’s estate and draft a deed transferring title to client’s name.

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