19-0043434 Urgent Need


Client seeks assistance in landlord/tenant appeal. Landlord’s Municipal Court complaint sought possession and rent from February 2019 onward plus court costs. Client was awarded possession but had a money judgment in the amount of $661.75 entered against her after a contested hearing. Client moved into the property in December 2018 and notified the landlord of habitability issues. There are currently multiple L&I violations open on the property. Client has been locked out of the main building door, and landlord refuses to allow tenant into the building. Multiple other tenants live in the building, and landlord claims client has threatened the other tenants, which led to those tenants changing the locks. Client would like to regain entry to her property to get her possessions and receive her security deposit back. While there is an active appeal pending, it might be possible to mediate an agreement between the parties outside the court process. Landlord is currently unrepresented. Trial is set for June 17, 2019, at 9:00 am in City Hall Courtroom 446.

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