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Client, a homeowner and mother of three, seeks assistance with two debt collection matters against the same creditor. Client and her husband, from whom she is separated, purchased two cars in both of their names through a credit agreement with Citadel Federal Credit Union. Client primarily used and paid off one car, and her husband the other. Client was injured on the job and unable to work and then separated from her husband where she could no longer rely on his income. For these reasons client could not keep up with the car payments. Client’s husband also stopped paying off his car; client does not know why. Citadel Federal Credit Union filed two separate cases in Municipal Court in which both client and her husband are named as codefendants. One case was continued at client’s request. The other case has been continued twice, once at client’s request and once at her husband’s. Both Municipal Court hearings are now scheduled for June 21, 2019, at 1:00 pm. A volunteer is needed to represent client in her cases against Citadel Federal Credit Union. Client is currently working with VIP on a few debt collection cases and potentially bankruptcy as she has experienced such financial hardship.

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