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Client seeks assistance with a boundary dispute and damage to her home arising from excavation on neighboring property. Client has lived in and owned her property since 1992. Her property includes a small three-foot-wide alley extending beyond her house, built as a fire escape. The adjacent lot has been vacant for over twenty-five years. Client has taken care of the vacant property throughout this time, and erected a shed on the lot, abutting her own property. The vacant lot was sold at Sheriff’s Sale in 2016, and in 2017, a new survey subdivided the land into two lots owned by the same developer. The second deed, subdividing the neighboring land, mistakenly exceeded the width of the property in the legal description. Developers removed the shed without notice and began excavation of the lot. Client called Licenses and Inspection because they were digging on her land. Client provided a report from an engineer who determined that her property’s foundation was at risk. A stop work order was issued by L&I because of the boundary dispute and risk of damage to client’s property. Days after that issuance, the order was removed and excavation began again, though no hearing was held. There is damage to both the side of client’s house and the interior, due to drainage issues. The building on the adjacent property is nearly complete. A volunteer is needed to assist and advise the client, including filing an action in ejectment and recovery of damages. Client would like to have her property be safe from further foundation and structural damage and would also like repairs for any damage caused by the encroachment.