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Client/mother seeks assistance with a custody matter involving her 6-year-old daughter. Client and opposing party (OP)/father have always had an informal custody arrangement, where the child lives with client during the week and OP, who lives in Lancaster, on weekends. However, in March 2019, OP, who has abused client, demanded that child move to Lancaster permanently. Client then petitioned for primary physical custody, and, at the subsequent master’s hearing, client and OP agreed to a temporary custody order that formalized their previous arrangement and gave both parties shared legal custody. At this hearing OP, who is represented, cross-filed and petitioned for primary physical custody. Later that month, OP then petitioned to relocate the child to Lancaster. Client wants the temporary order to become permanent and for the child to continue living in Philadelphia with her. A semi-protracted hearing on both relocation and custody is scheduled for August 13, 2019 at 9:00 am, before Judge Deborah Cianfrani.

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