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Client, who lives with her daughter and grandsons, seeks assistance with a landlord/tenant matter. Eviction complaint was filed on the grounds of termination of term; breach of lease (failure to provide proof of insurance); nonpayment of May 2019 rent and late fee; and nonpayment of water bill. Complaint also seeks attorney’s fees, court costs, and ongoing rent. Habitability problems were present when client moved in in April 2018, and landlord has not done any repair work since client moved in. Client told landlord that she would withhold May 2019 rent because of repairs. Client is awaiting L&I inspection. Client regularly paid landlord cash for water, and assumed the bill was being paid. Client called the Water Bureau after receiving the complaint, and learned that landlord fell behind on a payment plan. Defenses include failure to provide tenant with a valid Certificate of Rental Suitability and “City of Philadelphia Partners for Good Housing” Handbook, breach of implied warranty of habitability, and bank statement of escrowed May rent. Client wants to move out by the end of July and avoid money judgment. Landlord is represented by Todd Baritz, Esq. Eviction hearing is on June 19, 2019, at 8:45 am in Courtroom 3.

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