19-0043902 Urgent Need


Client seeks assistance with an urgent probate matter. Client’s home is titled in the name of her deceased mother, who died intestate in 2018, leaving client and her brother as the only heirs. Client has been paying the mortgage since the house was purchased. Client’s brother, who lives in Florida, has agreed to give his interest in the property and his mother’s estate to client. He has already signed and furnished a renunciation. This case is fairly urgent because client’s sewage line is at risk of being severely compromised by encroaching tree roots under the property. However, client cannot qualify for a HELP loan for a repair until she has obtained title to her home. Client’s water is still on, but she wants to address the sewage issue before it develops into a more serious problem. A volunteer is needed to help probate client’s mother’s estate and to draft a deed transferring title to client.

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