19-0043983 Urgent Need


Client seeks assistance with an urgent landlord tenant matter. The eviction complaint seeks unpaid rent for June (partial) and July 2019, as wells as late fees, attorney fees, court costs, and ongoing rent from the date of filing. Client has been living in the property with her five children for five years. Client has a seven-year-old child but there is no lead safe certificate for the property. Client has been withholding rent since March due to a notice of tax foreclosure and the landlord’s refusal to repair habitability issues within the property. Client states that there is a leak in the roof, leaks in the bathroom, and infestations. Client also says that her family experienced freezing temperatures this past winter due to faulty pilot light, holes in the property, and a warped door that does not fully close. Defenses includes a breach of the implied warranty of habitability and failure to provide client with a lead safe certificate. Client would like additional time in property to find new housing. Client is Spanish-speaking; interpretation and translation services will be provided upon request. Landlord is represented by Corey Baritz, Esq. Eviction hearing is scheduled for August 21, 2019 at 8:45am in Courtroom 3.

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