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Case Type Quiet Title Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting/Negotiation

Case #19-0044003

Client and her husband moved into a home owned by client’s husband’s sister in 2017. The home was on the brink of mortgage foreclosure, and client and her husband agreed to save the home from foreclosure, rehabilitate the home, and finish paying off the mortgage. In exchange, client’s sister-in-law agreed to transfer title to client and client’s husband. In 2017, client and her husband paid over $11,000 to save the home from foreclosure. They continued paying the mortgage and spent over $10,000 in repairing and rehabilitating the property in the ensuing years. Client’s sister-in-law agreed to transfer title in 2018, but client’s husband wanted to improve his credit score before trying to assume the mortgage. Client’s husband passed away in August 2019. Client’s sister-in-law is now refusing to uphold her agreement with client and has expressed her desire to sell the property. Client has continued paying the mortgage on the property since her husband’s death and is working with a housing counselor to determine her ability to assume the mortgage on the property. A volunteer is needed to help client obtain title of her home, including filing a quiet title action against client’s sister-in-law to uphold their verbal agreement. Client is Spanish-speaking; interpretation services are available upon request. A mentor is available upon request.