A paternal grandmother seeks assistance maintaining custody of her three grandchildren. Parties to the current custody action include, client, opposing party (OP)/father, and the children’s mother. Client’s grandchildren had tumultuous early years. The children’s mother destroyed OP’s house, and he asked client to take the children because he lacked a suitable home. OP was then incarcerated for transporting a large amount of cocaine with his one-year-old son in the vehicle. With VIP assistance, client obtained primary physical and sole legal custody of her grandchildren in 2017. In the Spring of 2018, her petition to relocate to Florida was granted. Both mother and OP/father were given partial custody as agreed by the client. Client made several attempts to arrange partial custody with the mother, but she was never available. Mother has now changed her phone number, and has not been in contact for over a year. OP/father has had periodic phone calls with the children. Recently, client discovered that OP/father has filed a petition to modify seeking primary physical and sole legal custody. Client was not served with this petition, but she received an order directing OP to obtain a mental health evaluation and counselling in advance of the upcoming custody hearing. A hearing is scheduled April 15, 2020 at 9 am before Judge Deborah Cianfrani. A volunteer is needed to represent client at this hearing. The client understands that representation may be limited to the upcoming court event and is willing to sign a pro se entry of appearance after that hearing.

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