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Client is 88-years-old and has been living in her home for many years. Client’s mother, the record owner of the home, bought the property in 1978 and passed away in 2003 testate. She left her home to client and two of client’s siblings, although there were five siblings total. However, client’s brother who was named executor passed away in 2015 before probating the estate. Client’s other sibling left property under the will passed away as well. Therefore, there are four nieces who are heirs to the property along with client. Three of them have already signed letters of renunciation and are willing to sign the deed. The last niece lives in Arizona and has been unresponsive to calls and letters. Client is reluctant to go on title with her unresponsive niece if necessary but would rather have sole title as she has been taking care of the property herself. An attorney is needed to help probate client’s mother’s estate, including transferring title and filing an inheritance tax return.