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Case Type Quiet Title Skills Developed Legal Drafting/Negotiation

Case #19-0044346

A 72-year-old client seeks assistance with obtaining title to the home she has lived in continuously for 20 years. The home is owned by client’s close friend, who passed away intestate in August 2000. The deceased record owner (DRO) died intestate and without ascertainable heirs. Because the DRO had no intestate heirs, the property escheated to the Commonwealth after her death. Client moved into the home in October 2000 and finished paying the mortgage on the property in 2010. In 2010, client hired an attorney to probate DRO’s estate and obtain title to the property. The attorney was appointed administrator of DRO’s estate in April 2010. The attorney then negotiated on the client’s behalf with the Commonwealth, who purportedly agreed to sell the property to client for $20,000 in January 2011. Unfortunately, the deal fell through because client was unable to get financing. Additionally, the attorney discovered multiple mortgages open on the home, totaling over $30,000. The attorney began to negotiate with the lenders to discharge or satisfy these mortgages, but in the meantime asked client to pay $500 per month into an escrow account in the event that these mortgage companies asked for balance paid in full. Client paid $500 per month into the escrow account from November 2011 to May 2014. In May 2014, the attorney retired and another attorney was assigned as the administrator of the estate. Client repeatedly tried to contact the new attorney, but was never successful. Since then, two of the three mortgages on the property have been satisfied, while one remains open and unsatisfied. A volunteer is needed to assist client in obtaining title to the property by negotiating with the Commonwealth on client’s behalf. Client also seeks assistance recovering the money that she deposited into the escrow account and negotiating for the remaining mortgage on the property to be satisfied or discharged.