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An 83-year-old client seeks assistance probating the home of her deceased mother in order to make necessary repairs the home needs. Client’s mother, who died intestate in 1979, owned the home as tenants by the entirety with client’s father, who died intestate in 1969. The deceased record owners had four children, two of whom are deceased. Client’s surviving brother is willing to give his interest in the property to client. One of client’s deceased siblings has six surviving heirs, all of whom are willing to give their interest in the property to client. Client’s other deceased sibling had three heirs, all of whom have been either uncooperative or unresponsive. A volunteer is needed to help client probate her mother’s estate, including negotiating with the uncooperative heirs and, if this does not work, transferring as much title as possible to client, and filing an inheritance tax return.