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Case Type Quiet Title Skills Developed Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting/Negotiation

Case #19-0044527

An 83-year-old client needs title to her home returned following a fraudulent deed transfer, which ousted her granddaughter and greatgrandchildren. In 2018, client’s grandson offered to help client sell her home. Her grandson took her to a notary, but she was not the notary’s presence when she signed the document Client’s grandson then asked her to endorse two checks for the sale of the house, which he told her he would deposit for her. Instead of giving her the money, he left Philadelphia and has not been heard from since. A fraudulent power of attorney signed in November 2018 was then used to transfer the property from client to a man client has never met. In October of 2019 a subsequent deed was signed by the fraudulent power of attorney transferring title of client’s home to an entity called House Scouts 2. The fraudulent power of attorney then began to threaten client’s granddaughter, who was living in the property with her two young children at the time. He cut electricity from the house and broke into the house through the windows. Client’s granddaughter was forced to move out of the home because she did not feel safe. When client started investigating what had happened, she discovered not only the recorded power of attorney and deed, but also multiple other documents with her signature on them that she never signed, including an agreement of sale and a deed that was not recorded. Client wishes to regain title so that her granddaughter and great-grandchildren can live in the home. A volunteer is needed to file a quiet title action against the person with power of attorney so that title can be placed back in client’s name.