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Case Type Probate Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Legal Drafting/Working with Government Agencies

Case #20-0044618

Client seeks title to her long-time family home to get repairs for the roof. The record owners of the property are client’s deceased father and mother, who died in 1990 and 2013, respectively. Client’s mother has eleven surviving heirs: six children and five grandchildren, including client. Seven heirs have already signed renunciations allowing client to administer her mother’s estate. Of the remaining three heirs, all but one are willing to sign a renunciation. Client is confident that nine out of ten heirs will sign a deed transferring their interest in the property to client. A volunteer is needed to open client’s mother’s estate by filing a Petition for Citation to Show Cause Why Client Should Not Be Appointed Administrator. Once client is appointed, the volunteer will assist in administering the estate, including drafting a deed transferring as much title as possible to client and filing an inheritance tax return.