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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Counsel and Advice/Courtroom Experience/Negotiation

Case #20-0044937

Client needs representation for a hearing before Judge Holly Ford concerning his teenage son September,9 2021 at 11:00 am. Client seeks sole legal and sole physical custody of his 13-year-old son. The child’s mother, who is the opposing party in this case, was awarded sole legal and primary physical custody in 2017 after client had taken his son on a planned vacation and mother reported him kidnapped. Client feels mother does not provide a positive environment due to her drug use, and he thinks his son is depressed. Client has also filed a petition for contempt because mother has withheld son from him. Client further believes mother has turned son against him. Client has had to travel frequently since 2017, but now that he is consistently at home in Philadelphia, he has filed a petition to modify the custody order. An attorney is needed to represent client at his custody master’s event. Client’s goal is to obtain an interim order from the master because he has no access to his son and last spoke to him by phone 7 months ago. Client understands that representation may be limited to the next court date, and he is willing to sign a pro se entry of appearance at that time.