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Case Type Landlord-Tenant Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Negotiation

Case #20-0045112


Client is in urgent need of support from an attorney to negotiate with her landlord. Client and her partner moved into the property with three young children. Client paid rent in October 2019 but began withholding rent in November 2019 due to repairs needed in the property, including a leaking ceiling and rat infestation. Landlord filed an eviction complaint seeking October 2019 through February 2020 rent, attorney’s fee, court costs, and ongoing rent from the date of filing. However, landlord did not have a valid rental license until February 10, 2020. Client has already experienced an illegal lockout and was forced to call the police. She regularly receives threats from the landlord’s wife. Client’s oven recently broke, and landlord refuses to fix it. She also experienced severe domestic violence from her partner, and the front door to her apartment is now broken. There are several other defenses, including breach of the implied warranty of habitability, lack of Certificate of Rental Suitability, and lack of receipt of lead safe certificate for the eviction hearing that will be rescheduled when the courts re-open. Client needs help now to negotiate with landlord for repairs and more time to find a new place. Landlord is represented by Erik Jensen, Esq. Client is Spanish-speaking; interpretation services available upon request.