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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Counsel and Advice/Courtroom Experience

Case #20-0045220

Client, who is a working single mother, seeks assistance with obtaining increased custody of her 5-year-old son in an upcoming custody hearing. A hearing was previously scheduled in front of Judge Mark Cohen for July 10, 2020 at 9:00 AM but will be rescheduled due to court closures. The child’s paternal grandfather, who is represented, filed a complaint for custody in early 2019, an interim order was entered by a custody master, and the parties appeared before Judge Cohen in January 2020. The judge continued the case to July 10, 2020 but entered a new interim order giving grandfather “sole legal custody,” however, the interim order also grants partial custody to client every other weekend. Grandfather frequently sends the child to stay with an uncle, whom child reports has hit him on at least one occasion and also hits another child in front of him. The uncle has a history of substance abuse and a criminal record. Client is hoping that the custody order will be modified to allow her increased custody. A volunteer is needed to represent the client at the upcoming custody hearing when it is rescheduled. The client understands that the representation may be limited to this court date, and has agreed to sign a pro se entry of appearance at the conclusion of this representation.