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Client is living in the property owned by his deceased mother. Client’s mother, who died intestate in 2019, owned the home as tenants by the entirety with client’s father, who died intestate in 2014. The deceased record owner had four children, one of predeceased mother and died without a spouse or children. Client’s two surviving siblings have already signed renunciations and agreed to transfer their interests to client. Record owners took out a mortgage in 2013 and client is inexplicably named a mortgagor. The lender recently informed him that as he is not a record owner, he should not have been able to be named as a mortgagor along with his parents. Though client has been paying the mortgage for the last five years, he is concerned that the lender will soon stop accepting payments. A volunteer is needed to assist the client with probating his mother’s estate, including executing a deed transferring title to the client and filing the inheritance tax returns.