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Case Type Auto Accident Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting/Negotiation

Case #21-0046164


Client was sued in the Court of Common Pleas for an auto accident for which he is not at fault. In April 2019, client was driving his girlfriend’s car in Philadelphia, and a car in the perpendicular street ran a red light, hitting the car on his left, which caused his car to be pushed into a SEPTA bus on his right. Client’s girlfriend had car insurance at the time, but the insurance company has denied their claim, saying that the insurance policy was issued by a fraudulent entity. Client was sued by a passenger on the bus along with his girlfriend, SEPTA, and the other drivers involved. Client was served on March 26, 2021, and has until May 31, 2021, to respond to the complaint. A volunteer is needed to help client respond to the complaint and represent him throughout the case. Client is Spanish-speaking; interpretation services are available upon request.