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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Counsel and Advice/Courtroom Experience/Negotiation

Case #21-0046516


Client seeks representation for a virtual custody hearing before Judge Mark Cohen on June 23, 2021, at 11:20 am. Client seeks sole physical custody of his 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. Client’s children have lived with him since they were born, and up until November 2020, the children spent time with their mother only on an ad hoc basis. In November 2020, the children’s mother, now living in Pittsburgh, told client that she was going to take the children and not bring them back. At that point, client filed for sole physical custody of his two children. In early January 2021, an interim order of custody entered giving both client and the children’s mother shared physical and legal custody of the children. The order stipulates that children spend weekdays with client and weekends with their mother. Children’s mother filed for sole physical and legal custody in late January 2021. Client filed a pro se petition for emergency relief in early May 2021 because the children reported their mother falling asleep while driving when they were in the car. That motion was resolved on a temporary basis. The court will hear the cross-petitions for custody at the upcoming hearing on June 23rd, and client would like representation for that hearing.