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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience

Case #21-0046707

Client seeks representation for a custody hearing, involving her 7-year-old son, scheduled for August 4, 2021 at 9:30 am before Judge George Twardy. Client is the child’s mother and opposing party is the child’s father. Child has lived with client his entire life. Client states that father has not been present or otherwise involved with raising the child. Father, who has a history of abuse toward client, filed for shared physical and shared legal custody in October 2019. Prior to father filing there was no custody order or arrangement in place. A temporary order, on March 19, 2021, granted client sole legal and primary physical custody, and granted father partial physical custody at times arranged by the client and paternal grandmother. Client is seeking to retain sole legal and physical custody because of concerns about father’s history of abuse and anger management issues, a lack of available space at father’s residence, and the criminal records of those living with him. A volunteer is needed to represent the client at the hearing. The client understands that the representation may be limited to the hearing and has agreed to sign a pro se entry of appearance at the conclusion of the representation.