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Case Type Adoption Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting

Case #21-0046832

Client seeks assistance adopting his six-year-old stepdaughter. Client has lived with his wife and child for over a year. Client’s wife is in contact with the child’s biological father, who will consent to the adoption. This case was initiated by another volunteer, who unexpectedly is no longer able to continue on in the matter. The case requires that Client’s wife obtain clearances from Trinidad & Tobago; which she has tried to do without success. The court is now requesting two memorandums of law. The first will outline the legal basis for waiving the clearances of Client’s wife from Trinidad & Tobago. The second memorandum of law will detail the basis as to why pursing an adoption of a foreign-born child would be inapplicable versus a traditional adoption petition. The former volunteer is willing to assist, if needed. Client and his wife have each signed a conflict waiver allowing VIP to represent both of them. A volunteer is needed to help client through the adoption process.