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Case Type Quiet Title Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting

Case #22-0047665

Client seeks assistance getting title to the home she has lived in for the past 22 years. In November 2000, Client and her partner at the time, used a straw buyer to assist them with purchasing the home because they did not have sufficient credit. The buyer was a friend of the couple and agreed to put the deed and mortgage in his name. Client made the down payment and has paid the mortgage since closing on the property. In 2008, Client’s partner was deported to Guatemala and the couple had a bad break up. Client fell out of contact with the straw buyer until 2010 when she asked him to deed the house to her; however, he refused then, and once more when Client approached him a few years later. When Client last contacted the straw buyer in 2020, he refused to deed the property again and told client to leave the house. However, he has not attempted to eject Client or claim the home, and has not made any attempt to contact her. The mortgage is set to mature in 2030, and the current balance is $19, 432. Client has proof of the down payment she made, and proof of mortgage payments made. A volunteer is needed to file a quiet title action against the record owner/straw buyer to enforce the verbal lease-purchase agreement.