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At our 40th Anniversary Gala, we raised $84,956 of our $100,000 goal and need your help getting across the finish line!
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Imagine your name is Denise O’Dowd. Your grandmother transferred her home to you in 1996, and you moved in with her there in 1997. You took care of her until her death in 1999. Since then, you’ve lived in your home without any concern. Suddenly, in December 2021, there is a knock at the door and two women greet you outside. “My name is Denise O’Dowd,” says one of the women. “I got this property from my grandmother in 1997. I just sold the property to another person. Get out.” Are you confused? Scared? You learn a fraudulent deed was recorded transferring your property to someone else. You report the fraud to the City and find the signature on the deed, alleging to be you, looks nothing like your name and is spelled incorrectly. A volunteer is needed to help this client invalidate the fraudulent conveyance from this property and restore her ownership to her home.