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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience

Case #22-0047870


Client seeks representation at a custody hearing on July 6, 2022, at 9:00 am before Judge Cohen, regarding her 6-year-old daughter. Opposing parties are the child’s father and paternal grandmother. The opposing parties filed a complaint for custody in December 2021. There was no order prior to filing this complaint. A December 2021 temporary custody order awarded paternal grandmother primary physical custody and Client partial physical custody until the hearing. The order was silent as to father. Client feels that she is best suited to take care of the child because the child has been injured numerous times while in paternal grandmother’s care. Most recently, the child was attacked by a dog while in paternal grandmother’s care and sustained injuries to her face. Following the attack, the child was taken to the hospital for treatment. Client’s goal is to be awarded primary physical and sole legal custody. A volunteer is needed to represent Client at the upcoming hearing.