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Help a fellow Philadelphian who faces a legal threat to their housing, family, and income - take a case
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Case Type Probate Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Legal Drafting/Working with Government Agencies

Case #22-0047919

Client seeks assistance probating his mother’s estate and obtaining title to his home. Client currently lives in a home that is in his deceased mother’s name, who passed away intestate in January 2022. Client has three younger brothers who have all signed and notarized renunciations. There is a significant real estate tax delinquency on the property; client is working to revive the owner-occupied payment arrangement (OOPA) his mother had entered into to meet the delinquency. VIP is assisting client with filling out the Tangled Title Fund (TTF) application to assist with probate and transfer costs. A volunteer is needed to assist client in probating his mother’s estate, including drafting a deed granting title to client and filing the inheritance tax return.