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Help a fellow Philadelphian who faces a legal threat to their housing, family, and income - take a case
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Case Type Quiet Title Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting

Case #22-0048472

Client needs assistance filing a quiet title action to reclaim title of his home. In 2009, client moved in with his mother and became her sole caretaker. Their home was in the name of client’s parents. His father passed away in 1977, and his mother passed away in 2012. That same year, client probated his mother’s estate and entered into an installment plan for inheritance taxes. In 2015, client moved to a church retreat in upstate New York. In 2017, a reality company recorded a fraudulent deed with client’s deceased parents’ signatures, and then a few weeks later immediately transferred title to a second reality company. In 2019, client returned home and attempted to get the deed transferred into his name from his mother’s estate, only to discover the fraud. A volunteer is needed to assist client with a quiet title action on the basis of a fraudulent deed transfer, returning title to his mother’s estate, and then to draft a new deed transferring title to client’s name.