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Client contacted a roofing company to assist with a leak in her roof. Client had to take a loan out with AquaFinance Inc., the financing company for the roofing company, for a new roof on the main house. The roof repair was faulty, and client tried contacting the roofing company to fix the mistake, which was still under warranty. After several attempts, they finally sent someone out, calling it a “favor,” but it ultimately did not fix the leak in client’s house. Client has statements from several different roofing companies to substantiate the faulty roof. The original contract was for $22,500. Client stopped paying for the loan because her house remains unfixed. AquaFinance attached a lien on her home. Client was never sent a notice from the roofing company, which is a violation of the PA Home Improvement Finance Act. A volunteer is needed to help client go through the documents and verify the timeline of the situation, and then if necessary bring an action against both AquaFinance and the roofing company for declaratory judgment that there is no debt owed and a quiet title to get the lien marked satisfied.