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Case Type Collections Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Negotiation

Case #22-0048899

Client seeks assistance filing a petition to open a default judgment in a Municipal Court collections case. Client was sued by original creditor, Discover Bank, for approximately $3000 in credit card debt. Client opened the card about 10 years ago. Client has cerebral palsy, and after an accident in 2013, was no longer able to work and amassed medical and other debts. In December 2019, he went to American Debt Relief (ADR) to help negotiate and pay down his debts. ADR told him to stop paying on his debts while working with them. ADR successfully negotiated the majority of his debts but continued to work on the debt from Discover. In September 2021, Discover served Client with the complaint. Client reached out to ADR and was told they would handle it and that he did not need to go to the hearing. Client did not attend the hearing and received a default judgement on November 17, 2021. When Client learned of the default he reached back out to ADR, who assured him they were still negotiating. However, he discovered a lien on his bank account in October 2022. The lien has been canceled by his bank as Client’s sole income comes from SSD and a government pension. A volunteer is needed to assist Client in filing a petition to open. Ideally, we’d also like the volunteer to represent client at the underlying hearing, or in negotiations, if the petition to open is granted; however, it is not required.