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Volunteers needed at our 2-part estate planning clinic on June 21 and July 20 from 5-8 pm.
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Case Type Probate Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Legal Drafting

Case #23-0049397

Responsive and organized client needs help probating his late mother’s estate and obtaining title to his home. Client’s mother took title to the property in March 1985. Client’s mother passed intestate in July 2017, leaving behind Client and Client’s step-father. Client’s step-father has signed a renunciation and is willing to give his interest in the property to Client. A volunteer is needed to assist Client with opening his mother’s estate, drafting a deed putting title in his name, and filing the Inheritance Tax Return. VIP is assisting client with filling out the Tangled Title Fund (TTF) application to assist with costs associated with the process.